Fri, Oct

In Helmand ANSF Launch First Independent Special Operation


air-wing-helicopterThe Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) launched their first independent special operation early Sunday morning in Sanging district of southern Helmand province.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the operation was conducted by land and air in an effort to push batter insurgents who have seized power in parts of the district as the NATO coalition has withdraw from the area.

"This operation started this morning in order to clear terrorists from Sangin district of Helmand province," MoD spokesman Dawlat Waziri said.

"The aim is is to clear northern parts of Helmand province of terrorists and the operation will continue for several days."

Although reports have emerged that a number of insurgents have already been killed, exact casualty numbers were not available.

Commentators have heralded the operation as a sign of the progress made by the ANSF. "I believe the Afghan Security Forces will end up successful in the operation," MP Aqbal Safi said.

Others urged the government to do everything it can to support the troops in the field. "In this operation, the government must focus more facilities and equipment of the military, including logistics and oil, so the forces do not face shortages and challenges," military analyst Sarwar Neyazi said.