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New bridges, better access


bridge-construction-in-khostIn the south-western part of Khost province a new bridge connecting Segai and Tanai districts was recently built by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The Deputy Governor of Khost province, Abdul Wahid Patan, local officials, tribal elders and many locals attended the inauguration ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Patan reaffirmed his government’s commitment to implementing the planned projects in Khost province.

Mr. Patan added that building Segai’s bridge was one of the key projects in the program. “These projects highlight the government’s commitment to facilitating better infrastructure for the local communities.”

He further said, “This bridge was built to a high standard, with a cost of 59 million Afghanis.” He described the dimensions of the structure as 140m long and 8m wide.

Engineer Mamor Shah, the head of Public Works Department in Khost, said that in the last two years they have built other bridges in different regions of Khost province and more are under construction.

Bridges are vital parts of the road system, particularly in Khost province where the landscape covers harsh terrain.

Engineer Shah revealed that the Khost government works tirelessly to provide better roads and provide ease of movement for the people. “We have completed preliminary surveys of locations where bridges are needed most; we plan to begin construction soon,” he said.

The local people are delighted to see the opening of the bridge. They appreciate and support their local government for delivering much needed services and infrastructure.

Haji Jamal is a tribal elder and resident of Tani district. He told Sada-e Azadi that the residents of Tani are now able to travel to a hospital, children can attend school and farmers and local traders can transport their goods to the markets.

The government has been busy in recent years having already completed road and bridge projects in Khost province for example in Matun, Lakan, Dwamonda and Segai districts.

Haji Jamal mentioned the other important aspect of the bridge and better connectivity in the area, “People can better commute on these roads and bridges and security will also improve in the province so that security forces can quickly reach their destinations more effectively maintain security throughout the province. “Khost residents believe that the roads and bridges projects will improve the relationship with their government,” Haji Jamal said.