Sun, Sep

Ghani Vows To Address Kandahar's Problems


GhaniPresident Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday visited Kandahar where he vowed to further focus on the economic and social well being of local residents.

"We will change nine airports [in the country] into economic zones. We will give special authorities to mayors in Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Mazar and Kandahar" he said at a gathering with elders and officials from Kandahar."We will give a special loan to those mayors that work hard and effectively," Ghani added.Officials and tribal elders from Kandahar shared their concerns and demands with the president."We have followed serious plans in the fight against endemic corruption and bringing reforms in the administration. We will try to work further to bring government and the people closer," said Kandahar governor Humayun Azizi."I urge President [Ashraf Ghani] to pay attention to economic projects in the province. We want attention paid to the airport road which witnesses lots of traffic incidents. We want incomplete projects to be completed soon," said Sayed Jan Khakrezwal, the head of Kandahar provincial council.Their key demand was however that serious attention be paid to issues facing the youth and businessmen.The participants said only a few companies are active in Kandahar industrial park while several others are inactive.They also said they want more jobs and education opportunities for the youth in the southern province."Our people and our youth are job seekers. It is 14 years that we do not have proper access to electricity. We hear several promises but none are kept," said Haji Nasrullah, a tribal elder in Kandahar.Meanwhile, Ghani called on Kandahar officials to share their plans and needs with the cabinet members.He also vowed to build up the capacity of Kajaki Power Dam and also start work on the railroad between Spin Boldak district and Kandahar city.