Thu, Sep

Better roads, delighted locals


road-constructionThe asphalting of a five-kilometre road in Lashkar Gah city will benefit more than 30,000 families as part of the government's continuing effort to bring development to the people.

Mayor Mohammad Fazil Safee inaugurated the project and announced that at a cost of 23 million Afghanis, the project will take three months to complete. "The Lashkar Gah municipality is funding this project to improve the ease of residents traveling to and from the bazaar, thereby increasing commerce in the province," the Mayor said.
The Provincial Governor of Helmand, Mirza Khan Rahimi, also attended the inauguration ceremony of this development projects and said, "Improving the economic livelihood of our people is our top priority and in addition to this project, two more roads will be paved in the near future as part of our continuing commitment to our people."
Mohammad Seddiq Zahidi, a local elder from Lashkar Gah, praised and thanked the government for implementing development projects. "In the past, this road was muddy and dusty, and it used to take more than an hour to travel from Mokhtar to the Lashkar Gah Bazaar. However, once this road is completed, it will take 10 minutes," he explained. "We are all very pleased to see this project started, and we thank our government for listening to our requests."
Mohammad Nasim, another local from the Mokhtar area, said, "This road used to be very hard on our vehicles, but the asphalting will save us transportation costs. The best part is that our children will have better access to schools and education."
Many in the crowd attending the ceremony said they were very confident the government can improve their lives and bring community development requests into reality.