Thu, Sep

Zabul locals hailed the ANDSF


After a clearance operation had ended in Arghandab district last month, the people of Zabul province celebrated the victory of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) and arranged a large celebration to honour their return.

On behalf of the ANDSF, Zabul Police Chief, General Mirwais Noorzai, appreciated the strong support of the people and said that they will continue their efforts to maintain peace and stability in Zabul and the rest of the country. “Our forces cleared the enemies of peace who were hiding in Arghandab district and blocking the roads with mines and explosives, making innocent peoples’ lives hard,” Gen. Noorzai told media. “Our primary goal was to protect our people. We succeeded to eliminate the enemies of peace and prevented civilian casualties.”
The success of the coordinated effort that the ANDSF carried out in securing the Arghandab area and the roads leading to the neighbouring districts was reflected around the province. Locals flocked to the highway to meet their heroes even before they reached the entrance of the Qalat city, the provincial capital.
Zabul Provincial Council Chief Haji Ata Jan Haqbayan was amongst the locals congratulating and greeting the ANDSF on the highway near Qalat city. “People are happy to see the rule of law and order restored, and the enemies of peace and criminals are defeated and cleared from Zabul,” Haji Haqbayan said. “That is why we came here to thank our ANDSF heroes.”
Many well-wishers including Abdul Wali, a resident of Qalat city, brought bouquets of flowers to present to the ANDSF members.
“The ANDSF's efforts spending days and nights during extended operations in the deserts and mountains means a lot to us,” Abdul Wali told Sada e Azadi. “We enjoy our lives with families and children because of these heroes. We came here to let them know that we owe our peace of mind to them.”