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The ANDSF are proud of the growing support


As the growing bond between the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) continues across the country, around 5000 people including the community elders and religious scholars (Ulema) gathered in Khost province to pledge their endorsement that protecting the nation and defending the country is according to the Islamic teachings.  

On behalf of Khost's religious scholars, Mawlawi Arif delivered a speech and explained all the aspects of the Islamic teachings in regards to protecting the family and the people, and defending the motherland from the forces of terror and destruction. “I am here to inform you all that the ANDSF are obeying the orders of the Almighty Allah when they are protecting all the innocent people from the enemies of peace in our towns and villages,” he told the large audience. “The enemies of peace fight against their people and country because they are ignorant and do not understand the real meaning of the Islamic values.”
“The Almighty Allah ordered us to educate ourselves and our children,” Mawlawi Arif further explained. “The enemies of peace are burning schools and mosques and preventing people from learning and performing their religious duties.”
“The Almighty Allah ordered us to cherish our families, protect them and nourish them,” he said. “The ANDSF are providing us with the protection from the enemies of peace, who are killing the innocents against the will of God.”
The gathering was one of the largest, marking an escalating momentum in support of the ANDSF.
The provincial governor, Hukam Khan Habibi, greeted thousands of locals at the gathering. He was accompanied by the Chief of the Afghan National Police (ANP), the Commander of the 1st Brigade Afghan National Army (ANA), the director of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), head of the provincial council, and members of the civil society.
At his opening address, the Governor reassured the people of Khost that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) is committed in its efforts for the prosperity of the nation. “The ANDSF, comprising our sons and daughters, is the government’s arm in maintaining security, protecting us and defending our country, which will all lead to the prosperity of every single one of us in this great land,” he told the crowd. “Every day more people across the province and around the country are coming forward announcing their support for the ANDSF and the GIRoA--this is the ‘defeat’ of the enemies of peace; they are not wanted in this country.”
Commander of the 1st Brigade of the ANA General Muhammad Nasir Hedayat was one of the officials who said that he was humbled to hear the respected Ulema endorsing the ANDSF and call them heroes. “When the community elders and the religious scholars come in to hug our troops, our blood boils up, and we want to do our best to serve and protect them,” he told Sada e Azadi. “The Almighty Allah will be pleased that we keep our people safe and happy.”