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Kandahar students get to know their United Nations


To help students know more about the work of the UN in Afghanistan, more than 100 students and their teachers participated in a UNAMA-backed event in the southern city Kandahar.

“I learned a lot about the UN,” said Tamana, one of the students in attendance, noting that event was an important way to understand what the UN is doing around the world and in Afghanistan.
As part of the event, boys and girls learned about the UN then divided into teams to compete in a quiz-style contest that covered the UN’s history and role in peacekeeping and human rights; the work of the Security Council, General Assembly and International Court of Justice; and the mandate of UNAMA and other UN entities operating in Afghanistan.
Farida Ahmadi, a contest judge and school principal, said the event was informative in raising awareness among the students about the work of the world body in Afghanistan.
A 35 minute programme was broadcast on Hewad TV and Radio following the event, reaching an estimated 100,000 people in and around Kandahar.
Southern Kandahar province shares an international frontier with Pakistan, and is bordered by the Afghan provinces of Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul.