Sun, Aug

Killers of female airport workers arrested in Kandahar province


The Afghan security forces have arrested a group of four people for having links in the brutal murder of five female airport workers in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

Provincial security chief General Rahmatullah Atrafi told reporters that the perpetrators of the attack were arrested based on an intelligence report.
He said the men were directly involved in the attack that took place two weeks ago in Kandahar city and led t the killing of five female workers of the airport along with their driver.
Gen. Atrafi further added that the men were arrested from the vicinity of the 4th police district of Kandahar city and they have confessed to their crime.
The perpetrators have said they carried out the attack after receiving instructions from Mubarak Shah Agha.
According to the officials, one of the attackers sustained injuries as he was trying to escape and was shot by the security forces.