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Governor Hayatullah Hayat: GIROA services remain in Sangin district


Helmand Provincial Governor Hayatullah Hayat, said that Sangin district, has undoubtedly had a challenging security situation recently but GIRoA presence in the district, such as health service centers are still active and there is close coordination with resident elders to care for the people.


Speaking directly about the relocation of the Sangin district center, the Governor said, “Hundreds of kilometers of lands in this district are under the control of GIRoA and the ANDSF, and moving the district center two kilometers does not mean leaving the district,but the move was based on consultations with local people who were unable to work their agricultural lands or go to the bazaar. GIRoA and the ANDSF work in service of the people, not against their livelihoods, and will continue security operations, but it is the individual assistance of Helmand residents that will keep a thorough security situation.” 

Governor Hayat said, the ANDSF are active in Sangin to secure public services for the people. The Sangin district administrator and other GIRoA officials remain in the district to attend to the needs of the people. In addition, we have maintained health clinics to care for patients requiring treatment. These officials are there to make a difference.”

The Helmand Governor continued, “We know that the most important problems of Sangin district people related to education, health care and development projects, so GIROA with the help of the elders are working in the most difficult circumstances to solve all these problems through the development of having pre-planned steps.”

According to Governor Hayat, the 1396 solar year Helmand budget was specialized based on a specific plan that directs steps to serve all parts of Helmand equally. He mentioned that the Citzen Charter Plan has been signed by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and will be implemented in Helmand province with the help of the Afghanistan people. 

Hayat gave project examples relating to Kajaki electricity storage, Zamindawor`s stream, asphalting tens of kilometers of roads, and said other effective development investments will be done with the aid of the people.
In recognition of the importance of security for these development efforts, which are often the targets of Taliban destructive activities, Governor Hayat indicated the ANDSF, which are continuously bring new capabilities in support of security efforts, have an undeniable role at the forefront of security for these projects, however, the people of Helmand are also responsible for playing a role in promoting peace and development.
“The Afghan people and United Nations recognize that Taliban don`t have any effective program for the improvements of people’s lives, but only spread destruction of the roads, public service centers and bridges. This is why anyone interested in developing their community should recognize who provides development and who destroys it.”