Sun, Oct

Kandahar governor tours local districts and promises better days


General Zulmai Wesa, the Kandahar governor, toured various districts of Kandahar in his first weeks to hear their needs and help them. The governor also inaugurated some projects there. He believes these projects will help the people, including providing job opportunities.



The Governor Wesa said that the Kandahar provincial administration is promising that it will reach to every possible problem of the people of Kandahar and they will give more importance to the people in districts to solve their problems in their own districts, so they don’t need to come to the city for every single issue. The Kandahar governor, Gen. Zulmai Wesa said that Zhari and Panjwai are two important districts of Kandahar province, where he has plan of many projects to apply.

Governor Wesa added, “we are promised that we are going to provide all possible assistance to the people of Kandahar. We are also promise that we will give importance to the people of Kandahar equally, but the districts people will get all their rights that belongs to them. I also want from the people of Zhari and Panjwai to help the government and provide information about every suspicious activities by the insurgents in their districts.”

Other officials also said they will provide more facilities to the people in districts, so they won’t have to come to the city for minor issues.

District locals expressed appreciation to the new governor for visiting to their districts and hearing their problems. They say that they are happy from the government that provided good security in their districts. The people promised for more support with the government but they also asked for some more important projects to be applied in their districts. They asked the government to find jobs for their youths and opened all the schools that are closed in their districts so they can send their kids to school for bright future.

Khan Agha, a local from Zhari district, said to Sada-e-Azadi that they have peaceful life in Zhari and there is no problem in their district now, but he is asking the government to help them by providing job opportunities so the youths in these districts do not join the insurgents.