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Peace and security bring development in the community


The commander of 5th ANCOP brigade (Gen-Khalilurrahman Jawad) said on Monday 5th jun.17 the Afghan national security forces are struggling to maintain peace and security for the locals in Helmand province.


Peace and security bring development and prosperity in our society, peace and security enable more development and growth in the economy he said. He added that the ANSF with support of NATO willing the locals to have to peaceful life but if the Taliban do not join the peace process will be targeted by the ANSF.

The ANSF have tirelessly worked to provide a suitable life opportunities for the people of Helmand but furthermore the support of the local national with ANSF has also caused more security on the areas he said.

Omar Zowak the spokesperson of the Helmand governor said the government and ANSF are determined to prepare the opportunities of business in Helmand for growth of better economy.

He said that already the business men have increased their works in Helmand and some jobs have been provided for the locals but we are trying to provide more opportunities in this province.

Meanwhile one of the business man in Lashkar Gah (Haji Abdurrauf) said I have invested in Helmand and built a supermarket that food items are being sold and some people also work with us.

I would like to expand my business throughout Helmand province and on that time more people can work with me he added.

Enayatullah a food sealer in Lashkar Gah said I would like to live without fear under the shadow of peace and to have a prosperous life. Nowadays life opportunity is good in Lashkar Gah but I hope all people in Afghanistan to have a peaceful life and enjoy living he said.

Movlawe Abdul Hadi one of the scholars in Helmand said peace and security is the first desire of the people but so far have not been maintained throughout the country. He condemned the recent blasts in Kabul and said the enemies do not want peace and security, they are destroying development and bring insecurity.

He asked the Taliban to join the peace process and live under the shadow of peace like the rest of the people but if they do not, the ANSF will target them anywhere and anytime.