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People in Helmand will have peaceful days


The residents of Helmand are doing their daily routines normally and from other side they are optimistic and hope that one-day peace and security will come to this province.


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Shah Mohammad a resident of Mokhtar area of Lashkar Gah said the people of Helmand will be reached to prosperity and peace and the enemies of the people will be completely defeated by the Afghan professional security forces. People will be the witnesses of their brave forces victories he said.

Security has been maintained by the Afghan forces in Mokhtar, we are happy and I am working hard to get Halal livelihood for my family. Beside working for my family, I also enjoy walking with my friends sometimes in my village he said.

Gul Ahmad a another resident of Lashkar Gah is a Radio Maker. I come to my stall in the morning and repair Radio and cassette players till night but I hope one-day security will be maintained by the ANSF throughout of Helmand province.

I believe on the Ability and professionalism of the Afghan national security forces and I always pray for their successfulness to provide better living opportunities for the people of Helmand Gul Ahmad said.

My two brothers are police in Lashkar Gah, when they come to house, they bring some good and interesting news about the successfulness and achievements of the ANSF and say that soon Taliban will be defeated and we will have a strong government and security forces he said.

Ghulam Ghaws Dawari the head of youth management in Lashkar Gah said youths are busy in Helmand, they are working, they are getting education and supporting their security forces. The Helmand youths are not disappointed, they hope for future he said.

Every day tens of youths are coming to my office for work and then I introduce them to some security Organs. It shows that the people of Helmand are enthusiastic to work and support their forces he said.

I have introduced some educated youths to the Helmand police training centre (HPTC), they were trained and now they are working as a police officers in Lashkar Gah and other places in Helmand Ghulam Ghaws said.

Omar Zowak the Helmand governor’s spokesman said the ANSF have a strong will and determination for smashing the enemies. The enemies of the people completely smashed during the recent operations of the Afghan forces in Helmand he said.

The government and security forces are getting stronger and become determined to provide good opportunities for the people and bring development he added.