Sat, Jul

poppy-eradicationA drive against poppy cultivation would be launched soon in central Uruzgan province to completely eradicate the illicit crop on 1,000 hectares of land, officials said on Monday.

ammunition-depotPolice have unearthed and seized an arms and ammunition dump belonging to the insurgents in central Uruzgan province, an official claimed on Friday.

Head of Kandahar High Peace Council Mr Ahmadi tells the former militants that they have the chance to live a peaceful life with their families.Another five armed militants surrendered their weapons and joined the government’s reconciliation program in southern Kandahar province.

helmand-candidatesPolice on Wednesday said they were ready to provide security for presidential and provincial council candidates campaigning in southern Helmand province.


Afghan National Police have seized 317 Kilos of opium in the 3rd district of Kandahar City capital of southern Kandahar province, yesterday.

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