Sat, Jul

anp-pickupsAfghan National Police conducted a joint operation to clean some of the areas from terrorists and enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan.

During the eight-week training, recruits acquire different policing skills.

Afghanistan’s police officers are sworn to uphold the law for all of Afghanistan’s citizens. The new Afghanistan does not differentiate between men and women. All Afghans are equally entitled to the same protections and freedoms.

Marjah-roadThree Taliban mine planters were killed by their own explosives while they were placing a roadside mine in the main road of Kariz Sayedi village,

NIMRUZThree suicide bombers were shot dead and a fourth blew himself up during a botched attack on a district intelligence office in southwestern Nimroz province on Tuesday, an official said.

helmand-bridgeA 320-metre bridge, which was partially destroyed by Taliban insurgents with explosives, has been repaired in Greshk district of southern Helmand province, officials said on Saturday.

Dahla Dam, after completion in nine moths, will supply 10MW of electricity to Kandahar City.For the first time in decades, Kandahar province electricity officials are going to make electricity for Kandahar city from the Dahla dam. According to officials, fixing the turbines will take nine months, but after they are repaired, they will produce electricity for many years to come.

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