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Motivated to serve the nation


“My aim is to protect my people and defend my country,” Mohammad Ibrahim, a youth from the remote district of Herat province said when he enlisted to join the Afghan National Army (ANA) “I had a good income when I was working with my father who is a farmer. Money was not the motive.”

motivated to server the country 2Ibrahim was in a group of 220 individuals from Herat, Farah, Ghor and Badghis provinces recently recruited in the ANA to serve their country.

General Nader Azimi, the Commander of the Western zone’s ANA Recruitment Centre (ANAREC) welcomed the group and said, “You will be trained in the ANA’s 207th Zafar Corps Training Centre before deployment to the provinces. You have proper accommodation, training facilities, and you will receive a salary during your training.”

For Ibrahim, the pride and honour, moral duty and religious responsibility in serving the nation and country are the desires that he wanted to achieve by wearing the ANA uniform. “My elder brother and my cousins are all in the ANA, and everyone in our families respects them. They call them brave men,” he said. “In our district, everyone talks about them and love them. I am joining the ANA because I also want to earn the respect of my people.”