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Herat, Shirkhan Port connection planned


President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a meeting with a number of elders and influential figures of Kunduz called for a plan to connect Herat with Sherkhan port, his office said in a statement Thursday. The president also called for evolving an effective plan to develop Afghanistan’s economy, according to the statement.

linking to regional markets 3The president, while hearing complaints about some key problems faced by the people in northern province of Kunduz, made the remarks during a meeting with the tribal elders and influential figures, the statement added. The problems, the elders shared with the president included security, education, agriculture, healthcare and nomads’ issues, the statement added. Likewise, the provincial elders suggested reforms in the Kunduz government and provision of essential facilities for the investors of the private sector, with the president seeking cooperation from tribal elders, religious scholars and other people with an efforts leading to reform.
He said identifying all its aspects was necessary for putting an end to the conflict in the country, and added that coordination among security organs had improved as a result of reforms. President blamed some individuals for misusing the available opportunity for promoting their own interests, something he said led the country plunge into crisis for the past four decades, as according to him, the crisis has been the source of their income, said the statement. He said Afghanistan had been converted into an integral part of Asia, helping regional cooperation improved and that China was convinced that the Silk Route must pass through Afghanistan.
In the next three years, Herat province would be connected with Kunduz’s Sher Khan Port, a plan would help stabilize the country’s economic situation, the president promised. “Paying serious heed to building railway line and supplying it with electricity in the province, is our main focus,” said the president adding his administration was planned to convert Afghanistan into the center of regional gravity. The statement quoted the president as saying the government was committed to reforms, implementation of uplift projects and providing basic facilities for the private sector and the port province, Kunduz would be connected with Iran, Turkmenistan and China.