Mon, Oct

Residents of Nawa look forward to peaceful life


ANDSF success in Nawa district has raised the flag of our future over the district, and the Helmand leadership has said no effort will be spared to bring peace and stability to the people of Nawa.

Helmand Nawah

Provincial Governor Hayatullah Hayat explained, “ANDSF will maintain their operations to destroy any hideouts of the Taliban, even in the remote areas. ANDSF in Nawa are here with the full support of the people, who have said the main crossroads will be named in their honor.”

Ataullah, the Secretary of the Helmand Provincial Council, said the people will stand with the ANDSF to prevent the return of the Taliban so development projects and reconstruction can begin. 

Commander of the 215th Maiwand Corps, General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, said “Afghan forces have a comprehensive plan to maintain security and this will bring good living opportunities to the people of Nawa. The Afghan forces area trained, they have modern weapons and an Air Force. They are now, better able that an anytime in the history of our nation, able to target the enemies.”

Mohammad, a resident of Nawa, explained that the shadow of insecurity has gone. “We are again with hope for a better life and in the future, by standing with the security forces, we know it will come. The Taliban can never bring anything good for the people, only destruction and criminal looting. However, the ANDSF fight to improve our lives and now we see the difference.”