Mon, Sep

“My aim is to protect my people and defend my country,” Mohammad Ibrahim, a youth from the remote district of Herat province said when he enlisted to join the Afghan National Army (ANA) “I had a good income when I was working with my father who is a farmer. Money was not the motive.”

At a cost of 160 million and 186 thousand Afs - funded by the Regional Programmes of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/RP), the foundation stone of 50 public utility projects has recently been laid in various villages of Ferozkoh the provincial capital, Lal wa Sarjangal, Dawlatyar, Shahrak and Dolina districts of Ghor province.

About 11 militant groups, including 80 fighters, on Tuesday laid down their arms and joined the peace process in Badghis province, local officials said.
The militants had been operating in Jawand district in the province for the past eight years, officials added.
One of the fighters who was previously loyal to Taliban said: “People from different groups were among the Taliban. Their acts were completely against what they said and preached. Everyone was working for their own interests. Jihad and fighting for Islam were just by name,” said Mawlawi Ahmad, a former member of Taliban.

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