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Educated police officers provide better security


Since 2011 the ANP Training Centre in Mazar-e Sharif has trained 5,882 police officers.I was born in Panjshir province and I have seven siblings. After completing primary education I successfully took the university entry exam and started studying literature at Kabul University.

After two years of studies I changed my career goals and decided to become a police officer so I could serve and protect my country,” explained Noor Agha Sorosh, who recently graduated from the ANP Training Centre in Mazar-e Sharif. 

“I joined the ANP to show my love for Afghanistan,” he added. But by joining the Afghan National Security Forces Sorosh did not give up on his education, because to become an ANP officer all candidates have to undertake studies in different subjects.
“Here I have learned about rule of law, human rights, violence against women and tactical weapon handling, among other things,” Sorosh continued. “Our instruction lasted two months and we were taught by professional Afghan teachers and experienced international advisors. I’m happy to serve my country and my community as an educated police officer,” Sorosh concluded.

Afghan National Police training centres across the country are building up their capability to provide effective security and justice for the communities endangered by the enemies of peace and their criminal activities. The training centre in Mazar-e Sharif is one of the biggest ones in the country.

“Since 2011 the ANP Training Centre North has trained 5,882 police officers.  We currently have 1,257 candidates who soon will become police officers,” explained Abdul Rahman Haqtash, the commander of the ANP Training Center North.

“During their training candidates study 17 different military and civilian-related subjects through our more than 80-strong instructor faculty. Besides tactical police courses we also provide excellent literacy courses. By teaching these essential subjects we are convinced that we can create educated and therefore more professional police forces to serve our country and people,” Commander Haqtash added.