Thu, Jun

Pakistan against total US pullout from Afghanistan


pakistanPakistan has voiced its aversion to the withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan, saying the so-called zero option is not a desirable move.


Pakistan's new ambassador to the United States said: "Even talk of (a total) pullout has started having its impact. Pakistan has started to receive more Afghan refugees than before."
On his first day in office, Jalil Abbas Jilani told a Pakistani newspaper that the Afghans leaving their country reflected their fears of uncertainty post 2014.

If the bulk of foreign troops pulled out of Afghanistan, a huge responsibility would fall on Pakistan's shoulders, he said, adding it would be a big challenge.
About a recent US intelligence assessment, Jilani called the Taliban an important factor in Afghanistan and. "From our assessment, they will continue to play a very important role and that’s why Pakistan feels that this process of reconciliation is key to stability in Afghanistan."