Mon, Jun

Cooperation deal with Turkmenistan soon


Deputy-Foreign-MinisterA cooperation agreement will be signed between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, with the minister of foreign affairs scheduled to visit the neighbouring country shortly to inaugurate the northern supply route, an official said on Sunday.

A foreign ministry spokesman said Deputy Foreign Minister Irshad Ahmadi, who visited Turkmenistan two days ago, had held detailed discussions with host leaders on issues of common interest, including cooperation in different fields.

Janan Mosazai told his weekly news conference in Kabul the ministry was currently working on the draft document of cooperation. As and when prepared, the draft would be handed over to Turkmenistan, he added.
“The agreement is mainly focused on cooperation between the two sides in areas of rule of law, border affairs and training courses,” the spokesman said.
During its upcoming visit to Ashgabat, the delegation will discuss with host leaders development of the northern supply routes that connects Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia and extends to Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Without going into details, he said: “All these countries have agreed politically on the project. Practical work and processing of documents will be included in next phase.”
Other major projects such as supply of electricity and gas from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, as well as a regional railroad will also figure at the meeting.
Mosazai said one basic aim of Ahmadi’s visit was to attend a meeting of the Joint Security Commission and cooperation between the two countries.

In response to a query, he said requisite preparations were being made for holding the Heart of Asia Conference in China within the framework of the Istanbul Process. Participants will review the decision taken at the previous meeting and pursue the goal of building trust among regional countries.

About the release of prisoners from the Bagram detention facility in central Parwan province, he said it was part of a comprehensive process that took place after thoroughgoing investigations. No prisoners had been freed without a review, he insisted.