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Interview with Taekwondo National Champion Tariq Pakhtoon from Nangarhar


Tariq Pakhtoon is a young National Champion of Taekwondo who played in several competitions at the national level. He lives in Nangarhar, and dreams of competing at international competitions, representing Afghanistan. Tariq is a great example not only through his athletic acheivements, but also because he is committed to learning though education. Sada-e-Azidi sat down with Tariq to hear more about his positive contributions to his country.

When did you start playing sports and how did you get to this level?

Mr. Tariq: I am about twenty years old and I started sports nearly six years ago. I loved sport especially kickboxing. I loved to watch games on TV. Thanks to my father, who saw my enthusiasm and encouraged me to join Zarawar Taekwondo Club in Jalalabad. My father encouraged me in achieving my goals. By efforts of His Excellency Eid Mohammad Zarawar who is my trainer, I became able to win several games. However, at the beginning, I hoped to play in competitions at national level, now I hope to play in international games. My father crosses fingers for my successes and my respectful trainer trains me effectively so I believe that I will have remarkable successes and my morale is high.

Could you please brief us about your winnings?

Mr. Tariq: I have participated in 112 competitions and I am proud to say I have won 110 of the competitions. I have a vision and spend my energy towards it. Sport has increased my commitment and energy toward working for a bright future. Hard efforts are the reason for achieving success.

Da Azadi Ghagh: What social and physical changes do you observe in your life since starting sport?

Mr. Tariq: I observe hundred percent social and physical changes in my life. I see I have sound health. I am intelligent in learning. Socially, people respect me. They see me as champion. My family and relatives are also proud of me. It is what I could achieve it through sport. I love sport and sport gave me energy to fight the hurdles of life bravely.

Da Azadi Ghagh: What sport’s development gives to a country?

Mr. Tariq: When our national teams of any sport plays with another country’s teams, the people are very eager to watch the games because it is due to their patriotism, they support their country’s team against the team of another country. People from east and west of Afghanistan support their team. Sport improves unity and ideology of peace in a country. Peaceful Afghanistan is the hope of every Afghan. It is my goal to work for improvement of peace and unity in my sweet country through sport.

Da Azadi Ghagh: What is your message to other youths?

Mr. Tariq: We need to take care of our health and time then we will be able to become successful in life. By doing sport, youths can keep themselves away from addiction to drugs, have better health and mind. It is said sound mind is in sound health. When youths have sound mind, they can learn better for good life and they can’t be deceived by enemies of the country.

Da Azadi Ghagh: Thank you for giving us your precious time!

Mr. Tariq: You are always welcome.