Sun, Aug

Futsal Cup launched to support ANDSF


For the first time, a Futsal Cup has been launched to support the Afghan National Army and security forces in Herat province.

Herat Footsal for ANDSF
This sport cup was set up by the Herat Sports Office with the municipality's headquarters. The head of the Herat Sports Department said that 20 state agencies participated in this Futsal cup. 

The spokesman for Herat's mayor said the launch of such sports programs could encourage Afghan security forces. He added that this cup will also be effective for the unification and coordination of Herat government agencies. In Herat, 50,000 people work in the 50 federations.

Several female athletes in Herat announced their support for the ANSF.They say they work through sport to reflect the message of peace and security in the hearts of Afghans.