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Snooker, the new increasing game in Kandahar


Snooker is a famous game in all over the world and people are playing it in international competitions. The Kandahar sport department is trying to make this game famous in Kandahar and find talented guys for this game so they can make a federation of snooker in Afghanistan and make a national team for it.

The officials of sport department recently held a snooker competition that ended last week in Kandahar.

The officials say that they wanted to train the youths in this game and they wanted to find some talented guys for the national team of snooker in Kandahar. They believe that there is a huge potential in Kandahar for this game but they just need a chance for international games.

The officials gave information about the competition and they said that the snooker competition was started between 32 young players of Kandahar.

This competition took three weeks and after many games between the 32 best players of snooker, Kandahar finally got the best snooker player. All the players played well but as it was competition, one got first position and he won the title of winner being rewarded with one motorbike.

The head of sport in Kandahar, Sayed Moqtada Agha says that they want to increase the interest of people in snooker game so they start playing at an international level.

He believes that there are some good players in Kandahar that can play in world class too but they just need some training and a chance.

Moqtada Agha added, “We will make this game formal in Kandahar and we are working to make a team of snooker that will play in behalf of Kandahar province and then play in national competition of snooker.”

The players of this game were happy that the sport department organized this competition for the encouragement of the youths. They say that this kind of competition will increase the interest of the people in Kandahar and they will try hard to learn different skills for this game and play better than each other.

They asked the sport department to increase this kind of competition so Kandahari players get more skills about the game and show their talent to the world.

Jamal Shah is the winner of this games and he said that they were not expecting that they will give much importance to the game that they played among them only for fun but according to him, after this competition they got encouraged to play it as a serious game and got skilled as other international players in world class games of snooker.

Kandahar sport department is trying to increase the interest of youths in different games so they can find players from Kandahar for football, cricket, body building, snooker and other games.

The officials of Kandahar sport department say that they got some great players in different sports who will play in national teams.