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Sportsmen are symbol of peace, bringing Afghans closer together


Watching the National Cricket and Soccer teams will also bring together other Afghan sports, which will make the hearts of the people more closely aligned.


Hayatullah Hayat, Governor of Helmand, said the presence of members of the cricket team made Lashkar Gaga smile once more, attend various sports tribal nations to encourage the national team to enter the sport stadium.

He said that whenever a national cricket and soccer player is set up, many people are encouraged by this, so several players from the national team played a friendly match at the Central Stadium in Lashkar Gah.

Helmand governor added that in order to bring more Afghans closer to the future, sporting events will be launched in various fields, since sportsmen are a symbol of peace and friendship, bringing Afghans closer together.

Cricket national team Captain Asghar Stanikzy made a friendly match with young Helmand players attended by hundreds of fans from the Cricket team.

He said that sport is a symbol of peace and friendship, so all the sportsmen are doing their best to bring Afghans closer.

Ataullah, a Cricket friendly friend, said he was pleased to watch the national cricket jacket at the central stadium in Lashkar Gah, he said he desires all Afghans to work together to calm their land.

He said that athletes always made Afghans smile. Whenever they go to the field, all Afghans are praying to win their national match.

Civil society activist Nazar Mohammad Roody says the national presence of cricket in Helmand has put thousands of citizens in this province together, so that they will enjoy it all the same time.

He said the sporty nation has always pulled people together, so that athletes put them in the hearts of the people.