Tue, Jul

Afghanistan makes to Super Six of ICC World Cup Qualifiers


The Afghanistan national cricket has qualified for the Super Six of the ICC World Cup Qualifiers with a better run rate and following three back to back wins in Group matches against Scotland, Zimbabwe, and Hong Kong.

The Afghan team needed Nepal’s win against Hong Kong in the last match group match between the two teams in a bid to secure its high run rate record.
Afghanistan together with Scotland and Zimbabwe will compete in the upcoming matches with Scotland already having three wins together with Zimbabwe which has also scored three win in Group matches.
The Afghan team together with Hong Kong and Nepal each has one win in Group B matches but Afghanistan has a higher run rate of 0.038 as compared to Hong Kong which has -0.121 run rate and Nepal having -00.893 run rate.
After losing back to back matches against Scotland, Zimbabwe, and Hong Kong, the Afghan team managed to seal a victory against Nepal on Saturday with a difference of 6 wickets with 68 balls remaining.