Sun, Aug

Awareness about advantages of breast feeding


breastfeeding2SCA celebrated Breast feeding week in eastern Laghman province. The aim of the celebration was to raise awareness about advantages of breast milk.

Public health director Dr. Abdul Latif Qayumi inaugurated the program. Addressing the ceremony, he stated that it is responsibility of every one to transfer messages about benefits of breast feeding to their family and relatives.
 “Breast milk contains high calorie food and it is effective for child growths,” he added.
In order to increase awareness about breast feeding, Mr. Qayumi suggested that health education about breast feeding should be enhanced, similarly information, education and communication materials about breast feeding to be used effectively and policies about breast feeding and Nutrition to be existed in health facilities.
Stakeholders including sectorial directors and representative of governor including women from various parts of Laghman also participated in this gathering.