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Afghan Doctor Praised for His Innovative Medical Equipment


dr-sadatDr. Safiullah Saadat, an Afghan physician working at the Kabul Police Hospital, after six years of hard work, has started making waves in Afghanistan and around the world for his innovative medical equipment designs that are said to be uniquely effective in treating bone fractures and other combat related injuries.

According to Dr. Saadat, the equipment models were developed through his practice treating soldiers and police injured in the line of duty over the years. He says he has already received orders from France and the United States and plans to begin producing large quantities for export, but needs financial assistance.

"With the help of the equipment, we can cure the wound and fracture in four stages and the equipment has no superior in the world," Dr. Saadat told TOLOnews on Friday. "The equipment is helpful in treating fractures made on someone's body during traffic accidents and war or as a result of a bullet wound," he added.

Esaruddin is an Afghan National Police (ANP) officer who was serving in Daman district of southern Kandahar province when he was wounded by a mine and lost one of his legs. Dr. Saadat's equipment has helped him in his recovery and he hopes to return to the battlefield to continue to serve his country. "I will return to the battlefield after healing," Esaruddin told TOLOnews. "If we do not fight, then who will defend the country?"

Hajji Lalai is another ANP officer who served for 13 years. He also lost one of his legs as a result of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast. "When my leg is healed, I will return to my job and defend the country until I am alive," Lalai said.

Another ANP officer Qasim praised the physical therapy work doctors like Dr. Saadat have had him do since getting injured. "The condition of my leg was critical, but now it is improving and I can walk," he said.