Sun, Aug

Health Ministry launches income data repository


The Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday launched its ‘revenue data repository’ aimed at standardizing the ministry’s income collection system and preventing graft.

Ferozuddin Feroz, the public health minister, said the existing income collection system of the ministry was not transparent and their sources were ambiguous.

With the new system, he said, there would be better accountability and people would easily access information about the amount of income and their sources.

“This system is the first of its kind we are launching in coordination with the customs department. Every income will be accounted for and transparency will be ensured,” he added.

Feroz listed government budget, foreign aid and people’s expenditures his ministry’s three major funding sources. “In 2013, the bulk of our income came from the people, foreign aid and only six percent from the government’s budget.”

He said Afghanistan had many achievements in the health sector over the past 13 years, but warned they wouldn’t be ever-lasting in the absence financial aid.