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Dream of walking—ANA doctors enabled girl


ana-doctors-enabled-girl-1Afghan National Army (ANA) Doctors enabled a girl to walk for the first time. Samana is a 21-year-old girl from Herat province, crawling since her birth.

Samana and her family didn’t believe she would ever walk. Samana is very thankful to Doctor Mohammad Ismahil Wardak and his team in Shahid Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan Military Hospital in Kabul for proving them wrong. “I cannot find a word to explain my joy. I am happy and enjoy walking for the first time. I was hopeless because, I thought I will never able to walk in my life,” she said.

Dr. Mohamad Ismahil Wardak said that his team discussed Samana’s condition with national and international orthopaedic professionals before completing a neuro, musculoskeletal examination, taking x-rays, and performing other necessary tests. She was then ready for the surgical procedure.

“15 days after the surgery, she started walking for the first time in her life-- everybody was amazed. Samana will fully recover in six to twelve months. She will walk normally without a walker. ana-doctors-enabled-girl-2

The result of this operation is a significant achievement for us and our hospital.” He added. According to Doctor Wardak, the Bone Fracture and Trauma Ward, in Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan Military Hospital is one of its kinds amongst the neighbouring countries. The hospital also offers modern treatment and quality services to injured and wounded soldiers and patients.”

The ANA facility is proud to have such experienced doctors and advanced equipment, in order to provide the best care possible.

Samana’s mother, Fatima is now happy to see her daughter walking. “I am a mother, and it was difficult for me to see my daughter not able to walk. I am proud of our Afghan doctors and the ANA health personnel that made life easier for my daughter. She can enjoy the life and walk like other people in the society.” she told Sada-e Azadi Magazine while her tears poured down.