Tue, Oct

Afghans Donate Blood to Help Survivors of Kabul Attack


blood-donorMembers of the National Assembly, civil society and other Kabul residents lined up to donate blood to support medical treatment for victims of Friday's truck bomb attack, which killed 15 civilians and wounded 400 others.

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) officials have said that more than 250,000 cc of blood has been collected in Kabul since Friday. "Today we have collected more than 250,000 cc of blood, though we do not have accurate figures on the blood collected in other provinces and people are still donating their blood," central blood bank head Ahmad Massoud said on Saturday night.

Volunteers emphasized their resolve in the face of the tragedy, arguing that the Taliban cannot halt progress by conducting such atrocities against the people they claim to fight for.

"By donating our blood we wanted to show sympathy with the wounded citizens and to show to the enemy that their atrocities cannot prevent us from development," a Kabul resident named Mohammad Aziz said.

Meanwhile, others were more vocal in their criticism of Afghan security institutions and the government, which they called on to take responsibility for failing to prevent the attack as well as other like it.

"Our message to the security leadership is resign from their jobs if they feel that they cannot do the job properly, or don't have the ability to maintain security for the people, so that the people can be rid of the this situation," civil society activist Humaira Qaderi said.

MP Zahir Qadeer suggested that the truck bombing was tied to the power vacuum that has opened up in the Taliban's ranks after the death of the group's founder Mullah Omar. "We know that the remote control isn't supposed to be in the hands of the Taliban; Mullah Omar died and Akhter Mansoor does not have the authority and all their efforts are managed by others," Qadeer said. "It is the responsibility of the government to prevent such attacks and for the security forces to be united against them.