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More Nurses, Better Healthcare


engineer-mohammad-assem-assem-new-governor-of-parwan-provinceSixty women from Parwan, Kapisa and Panjshir provinces graduated from a midwifery school in Parwan province after two and a half years of training. The governor of Parwan province and the Ministry of Public Health and other government officials attended the graduation ceremony.

Doctor Mohammad Qasim Saeedi, Director of Parwan Public Health, congratulated the midwives and affirmed that they will play an important role in improving health services for the residents of Parwan, Panjshir and Kapisa provinces. "Seventy health centres provide services to 90% of the residents of Parwan province. We hope that this graduation of the midwives can increase and improve the level of healthcare available to women in these areas more than ever before."

The very rural areas with rugged terrain and limited infrastructure restricted medical professional’s access to the communities. However, the graduation of these midwives is an important achievement of the Ministry of Public Health and represents an example of the government's efforts to respond to those challenges.

Doctor Najeia Tariq, the Deputy Health Minister attending the ceremony said that the Ministry of Public Health has significantly reduced the mortality rate of Afghan mothers and children by training the midwives in all provinces of the country. "We are rapidly improving the health care system in our country."nurses-education

The newly graduated midwives will be employed at their village's health centres. Each of the nurses pledged that they would never hesitate to serve Afghan women and children.

Engineer Mohammad Assem, Governor of Parwan province, told the nurses to adhere to the strictest medical ethics and never stop improving their skills. "We have achieved a standard of health care that never existed before in our country. These midwives are trained to do their best to serve their communities and perform their duties to the highest standards."

"Across the nation, numerous graduation ceremonies are taking place in many sectors such as security forces, higher education, health and industry," the Governor said. "Economic development is quickly taking root in our country so tomorrow's harvest can be more fruitful than ever before."