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Afghan Doctor Invents Device to Prevent Amputation of Limbs



An Afghan doctor, Safiullah Sadat, has developed and built a device that could prevent the amputation of the feet and hands of hundreds of wounded security force members.

doctor-sadatThe doctor said he built the device two years ago. He expected it to be registered as the "Sadat Fixation Device" in Afghanistan and internationally. Other countries will also be able to utilize the instrument for their wounded.
According to Sadat the registration of the device as a product of Afghanistan, has already started.
"The device reduces the treatment procedure from one and half year to four and half months. No other international device can achieve this," Sadat said.
One solider, wounded in a landmine blast, said he had been operated on six times, but his situation had not improved. "The doctor who performed my previous operations has now used the device and I am improving as a result," the soldier said.
"I was told that my leg will be cut off, but Doctor Sadat operated my leg and now I am doing well," another wounded soldier said.