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Inauguration of Medical Facility in Khost


HIV is a lethal and defamed illness and also the HAV, HBV; HBS are the diseases from which thousands of Afghans are suffered and often this diseases result of death in villages and towns.  

Khost Inauguration ceremany 3

Earlier health officials have said about the existence of HIV in Khost province and more number of positive cases of HIV has been recorded in Khost province.

To be cured and diagnosed well the above illnesses a center of the treatment of HAV, HBV, HCV, has been opened in this province which costs about 53 million of AFs.

According to the information of public health department in this center people will not only receive treatment but will also receive free advices about these diseases unless to enhance public understanding about these diseases.

The director of Khost public health department Habib Sha Ansari says, hundreds of patients of HIV, HAV, HBV and HCV exist in Khost province, to be treated them in their own town and to be given necessary advices we opened this center.

He said, “Patients will receive free treatment in this center, and this center costs 53 million AFs funded by Public Health Ministry from Global fund. We try our best to prevent from HIV and HAV, HBV and HCV. And here beside the treatment of patients they will receive necessary advices as will”.

Governor of Khost province Hukam Khan Habibi also asked from the officials of Khost public health department in the inauguration ceremony to take quick action for the prevention of HIV and other dieses.

He also asked people to prevent from such illnesses in the society and those persons who suffer from these diseases need to be introduce to this center.

He said, “There was a crucial need for this center. And with the inauguration of this center people will receive treatment and diagnose of HAV, HBV and HCV and will also be prevented from spreading of these illnesses”.

Governor Habibi said, to be the service of this center very affective he created a joined committee from members of civil activists, tribal elders, youths and workers of this center unless to call people for the treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Same time public are also pleased with the inauguration of this center and says, not only that HIV, HAV, HBV and HCV are defamed diseases but these diseases spreading in Khost province and need to be prevented and treated.

Haji Sharif is a participant of the inauguration ceremony, he says, Allah forbid, not to be raised up the graph of HIV, HIV, HAV, HBV as much high, which can fail health officials to prohibit from it.