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Expecting a baby


AFGHANISTAN has the second highest maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the world. A woman dies approximately every 30 minutes from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Approximately 60 children out of 1,000 die during birth.


 What should expectant mothers avoid during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a normal condition, not a disease. A pregnant woman can continue her life as she did before pregnancy. Just as drugs and other toxic substances are not good for the mother, they are harmful to the fetus as well. Also, some medicines can be dangerous for the unborn. If you are pregnant and need medication, ask a doctor if possible.

 How should expectant mothers prepare themselves for childbirth?

 If you give birth at home, clean the room. Have clean textiles, a knife or scissors sterilised by boiling water and have boiled water nearby. Before your first labour, it is good to talk to women who have already experienced it.

 Is it safe to give birth at home?

 If the environment and equipment are clean and there is a midwife to help and no complications occur, it is safe to give birth at home. However, if possible, it is always safer to give birth at a hospital in case of emergency. Doctors can do a caesarean section or give a blood transfusion if needed.

 Does it matter what time of year the baby is born?

 Experts suggest planning pregnancy so that birth does not fall during the cold winter months. Winter poses health risks to many women who have just given birth and who lack access to fuel for heating, nutritious food and health clinics.

 What can a midwife do that other women cannot do?

Midwives are trained to give prenatal care to expectant mothers, attend the birth of the infant, and provide care afterwards to the mother and her newborn baby. Midwives are also trained to take care of various problems that can occur during birth.

 How should expectant mothers take care of themselves during pregnancy?

It is good for the mother’s and baby’s health if the mother eats healthy food, including fish and fresh vegetables and fruit.