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dr-sadatDr. Safiullah Saadat, an Afghan physician working at the Kabul Police Hospital, after six years of hard work, has started making waves in Afghanistan and around the world for his innovative medical equipment designs that are said to be uniquely effective in treating bone fractures and other combat related injuries.

FLUEAs winter sets in, many people suffer from colds and related symptoms. However, a healthy life-style could help prevent the spread of such ailments.

pneumonia1About 30,000 children under five in Afghanistan die because of pneumonia and it is estimated that about 150,000 children are affected by it each year, according to the Afghan Ministry of Public Health.

kandahar-vaccination-centerThe foundation stone for the first vaccination centre in the Southern Zone was placed in Kandahar. Many attended, including Kandahar Governor Dr. Toryali Wesa and Health Department Director Dr. Abdul Qayom Pokhla.

ArtrititsArthritis is a degenerative condition that mostly affects older people who have led an active life, or injured their joints in the past. There are more than 100 different kinds of bone diseases of which osteoarthritis is the most common.

blood-pressureAfghan health officials warn the number of people with hypertension or high blood pressure is on the rise in Afghanistan, based on the statistics from government hospitals and clinics.

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