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Boost-hospital-HelmandHealthcare provision at Boost Hospital, one of only two functioning referral hospitals in south Afghanistan, has improved after being equipped with additional beds, officials said on Wednesday.

stay-warmAs winter advances, one of the biggest challenges is keeping warm. It is important to dress properly when outside to prevent frostbite. Also, when heating rooms with bukharis, it is essential to ensure proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

health-clinic-in-logarA rehabilitation centre was inaugurated on Friday in central Logar province, where nearly 40,000 individuals are said to be drug addicts.

FLUEAs winter sets in, many people suffer from the cold and related symptoms. However, a healthy lifestyle could help prevent the spread of such ailments.
Common colds and influenza are the most common illness to infect mankind.

Mobile-health-servicesThe Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Wednesday inaugurated the first-ever telephone-based health advice service at the state-owned republic hospital in Kabul.

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