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Healthy-fastingIt is time of the year when Muslims around the world fast. Afghans passionately observe Ramadan. However, for many it may be more testing because, for the last few years, due to the lunar cycle, Ramadan falls during summer – long and hot days.

Nursing-courseRecently, 35 females in Khost completed a two year nursing course. These graduates will provide emergency and preventive care to women and children in remote areas of the province. Zainab Afghan, a recent graduate, said, “As an Afghan, I will now be able to serve the women of Khost province. I hope other girls also will choose this profession to serve our mothers and sisters.”

malaria-vaccineMalaria has completely been eliminated in northern Kunduz province, where no positive case has surfaced over the past six months, residents and officials said on Tuesday.

tetanusTetanus is a serious infection caused by bacteria which produce a toxin that affects the brain and nervous system. An often fatal disease, it is present worldwide, to include Afghanistan, and normally occurs as a result of a wound being contaminated due to lack of proper care.

cholera-waterCholera, a water-borne disease, can lead to severe dehydration and swift death if not treated promptly. It is especially dangerous for children, sick and elderly people.

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