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torched-medicinePublic Health Department officials on Saturday set afire expired and low quality medicines weighing 65 tonnes in southern Kandahar province.

The fund to build this centre was provided by the Provincial Reconstruction Team, and is managed by the Pir-e Herat Foundation.For the first time a centre to care for the handicapped has opened in Herat province – an example of the humanitarian nature of Afghan society.

The health wall informs the students about hygiene, vaccination and other issues related to their health“To find out if a child needs aid early in their life will help them improve and develop,” says Dr. Qais, health officer at the Ajani Malika Female School in Aibak. Swedish Committee for Afghanistan conduct health checkups in the school to discover hearing or visual impairments on students, and educates the teachers in first aid.

mosquitoeAfghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health has recently reported a significant reduction in malaria cases in the country as a result of the successful implementation of its national programme to control and prevent the disease.

polio vaccinationAbout 8.9 million children below five years of ages would be vaccinated during the second round of polio vaccination campaign across the country, an official said on Sunday.

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