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Measuring blood pressureAfghan health officials warn the number of people with hypertension or high blood ‎pressure is on the rise in Afghanistan, based on the statistics from government ‎hospitals and clinics.‎

Red-blood-cellsAccording to the Ministry of Public Health website, half of the children under five-years of age suffer from mineral deficiency, as well as 70 per cent of women suffer from iron deficiency.

efforts-to-eradicate-polioAfghanistan is one of a handful of countries where the crippling and potentially fatal disease of polio is still present.  Health authorities in Afghanistan however, are taking all the measures in stopping the disease. The disease affects mainly children under the age of five.

Free treatment in the hospital puts smile in the face of Abdul Shah (left in the picture) a resident of Surkh-e Parsa.As the Afghan security forces continue to expand the rule of law and provide security across the country, the help of the people of Afghanistan is increasing.

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