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Mozhgan: A poet and a painter


Mozhgan-Sadat-2Mozhgan Sadat is one of Herat’s youngest and most accomplished poets. At the age of twenty, she has already published two books and is working on the third.


Born to an educated and art-loving family, she has been writing poetry from an early age. It was one of her eight sisters who recognised the creative gift that God had bestowed on Mozhgan.
“I used to write poems on a paper and then trash them,” she told Sada-e Azadi magazine. “One day my older sister found one of my poems in the trash and, after reading it, she told me that I had a hidden talent.”

Her sister proved to be very supportive and encouraged Mozhgan to write more, and introduced her to the Literary Centre in Herat. “Now I am a member at the centre, where I present my work for critic and feedback,” Mozhgan said.
She is also a second year student at Kamaludin Behzad Institute in Herat, and an artist as well. In her third book, Sohrab Dokhtar, each entry will be accompanied by a picture painted by her, she said.

Mozhgan is also an internationally acclaimed poet. Her poetry has been published alongside other women who wrote about peace.
She says that poetry to her means expression. There are many ways to articulate – people do this in different ways. Some choose speech; some make movies, while others express themselves through pictures. Mozhgan chose to write poetry. “When I compose a poem, I feel very relaxed and happy. It is very wonderful for me that I can share my feelings with others.”

The style of her poetry is free. Sometimes she writes about love, but Mozhgan admits that she prefers to write about anything that comes to her mind. Her poems are heartfelt and passionate.
While her success is based upon what she has written, she has never forgotten that her good fortune would have never happened without the encouragement of her sister, family and friends.

Her message to other Afghan women is one of hope and trust in themselves. “My request is that all Afghan women should feel optimistic and believe that they have the power to achieve anything they want – just have confidence in yourself.”