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Poetry inspires peaceful life


anar-gul-peotryAnar Gul annual poetry event, a centuries-old tradition in Kandahar, was an inspirational occasion, organized by the Provincial Department of Information and Culture.

Poetry as part of the Afghan culture promotes love and emotions towards the homeland, appreciation of life’s beauty and the values of knowledge and learning.

People all over Afghanistan share the passion for poetry but Kandaharis are renowned for their special interest in reciting and writing poems.

Dawa Khan Menapal, the Director of Kandahar Information and Culture Department, welcomed the participants. “Anar Gul poetry is not only for the people of Kandahar but all the Afghan poets,” he said. “Poets came to this event from all over Afghanistan to share their feelings in promoting the message of peace and unity in the country.”

The previous Governor of Kandahar, Toryali Wesa, and his wife Mrs. Rangina Wesa were the event’s guests of honour.

Mr. Wesa encouraged the youth to follow the path of peace and unity that inspired the Afghan poets for centuries. “This country always stayed as one of the good examples of art and literature. Many of its poets are known for their work,” Mr. Wesa added. “Anar Gul event keeps the Afghan art and poetry tradition alive.”

The war in the last three decades overshadowed the peaceful nature of Afghans. Mr. Wesa highlighted the recent security improvements and asked the poets to convey the message of peace, and the benefits of unity in the country.