Sat, Aug

Religious Scholars Call For Ceasefire and End to War


At a meeting entitled the "Role of Religious Scholars in Maintaining Peace and Stability" the Dawat Islami Foundation of Afghanistan on Monday called for a ceasefire and for government and insurgents to hold peace talks and end the war.

The religious scholars also called on government to identify and overcome the obstacles holding back the peace talks.

The scholars meanwhile announced their willingness to act as mediators between government and Taliban if called upon.

"In the first step, a ceasefire is needed to prevent further bloodshed of innocent people. The second goal is how we can play a mediating role, and deliver the message to anti-government armed groups and international community. That would be a logical way for the development of peace in the country," says Abdul Hady Hedayat, Chairman of Dawat Islami Foundation of Afghanistan.

"We are saying that if there is a culture of acceptance, let's join hands, if you are righteous and we are wrong, tell us to do the right thing. If we are righteous then why the killings and bloodshed?" says Ayatullah Yaqubi, an Islamic Scholar.

Another scholar, Mawlawi Abdul Mateen said: "The message of us scholars to the anti-government armed groups and government is that people want [peace]. The obstacles that are preventing peace must be identified and addressed."

"Those who are in the government, we want them to take actual and practical steps to peace so that peace is implemented in the country," said Abdul Qader Qanet, a member of the foundation.

Prior to the start of Ramazan, Afghanistan Islamic Scholars' Shura asked the Taliban to end the conflict. The Taliban rejected a ceasefire request.