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Music and happiness


herat-musicNehmatullah Hossain Zada is a famous actor and singer who captures the cultural heritage of Herat province and western Afghanistan in his work. Performing folk songs in the theatre, his stories bring joy and happiness to generations young and old. Nehmatullah has spent his entire life performing art and music and has finely tuned his talents.

Nehmatullah told Sada-e Azadi that seeing happy audiences encourages him to keep performing. “I have worked on more than a thousand short theatre dramas and appeared in 7 movies and have written 200 Herati folk songs. People seem to derive great happiness from my performances, so when I see my people are laughing, then I am inspired.”

“This is a job I cherish because it serves my people,” he said.

One of his most famous songs, very popular among his fans is Dokhtar-e Baba (father’s daughter) brought him great fame, and he has performed it in several countries.


Nehmatullah, who is 50 years old, continues to work and perform with boundless energy. “Music makes me relaxed when I listen to it, and I think it also soothes others. Our nation is tired of war and destruction,” he explained. “I believe it is my duty to bring smiles and happiness to their lives, even if for an evening at the theatre.”

Performing arts is an important tradition that should be kept alive for future generations.

Nehmatullah works hard to pass on his artistic skills to the talented Afghan youth. “It is our duty to transfer our ancestor’s art and culture to our children. Th

is is what it means to be Afghan, and I make sure our art and culture lives on in the hearts of our people,” he said.