Thu, Aug

'Say No To Plastic Bags' Campaign Launched


A number of activists on Thursday launched an anti-plastic bag campaign and distributed cotton bags to bakeries in Kabul city.

The activists chanting slogans of "thanks, we don't want plastic" took their campaign to the streets of Kabul.
They said their campaign is aimed at preventing diseases which are transferred via such bags and to control pollution in the city.
Organizers of the campaign suggest people use cotton and paper bags instead of plastic ones.

Zahra Yagana, head of Rangin Kaman (Rainbow) Network said: "We were thinking about such a campaign for several months but after assessing the situation we found that plastic bags are used widely in Afghanistan therefore it should be stopped to prevent pollution and other problems which it creates."

Meanwhile bakery workers praised the initiative and called on the public to stop using the bags.

"We will not use plastic bags. We use at least 400 bags every day but after this we will use cotton and paper bags as they are better for our health," said a baker in Kabul.
Another baker said: "It is better to use paper and cotton bags or newspapers for carrying bread and other purposes but plastic bags are not good as they can lead to cancer among people."

He called on Kabul residents to use cotton bags and make them in their houses.
Kabul residents also praised the initiative by the activists, saying that this trend should be extended all over the city.
Analysts say that plastic bags and dishes can transfer at least 118 diseases.