Thu, Aug

Bakhtariyan Treasure To Be Displayed In Japan


queens-gold-crownOfficials from the Afghanistan National Museum said Wednesday they are getting ready to take the Bakhtariyan Treasure to Japan where it will go on display.

According to the officials, Afghanistan has earned at least $3 million USD from displaying the treasure in Europe and the United States.

"At least 10,000 Afghan relics have been returned from Asia, Europe and America over the past few years. This process still continues," said Mohammad Fahim Rahimi, head of the national museum.

The Bakhtariyan Treasure includes relics from Tela Tapa, Bagram region, Ai Khanum and Balkh in Afghanistan – of which some date back 3,000 years.

According to officials from the museum, a number of relics discovered in Mis Ainak (copper mine in Logar) area were exhibited in Prague.

"The relics from Mis Ainak [area] were displayed in Prague. Other countries have also asked to display the relics. We will carry on the process after an assessment," said Ainuddin Sedaqat, acting chief of local museums.

The national museum enjoys numerous foreign visitors on a daily basis with many saying it is very interesting for them to see the historical heritage and relics of Afghanistan.

"I have come from Iran to visit Afghanistan and now I am here to see the national museum," said Ali Sharqi, an Iranian citizen.