Sun, Aug

Afghans Hope For Peace During Nawroz Celebrations


Thousands of residents in Kabul on Sunday gathered at Sakhi Shrine to celebrate Nawroz (Persian New Year) under tight security measures.

Those present expressed hope that peace will be restored in the country during this new year so as to put an end to the ongoing war.
"Today is the first day of Nawroz, we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious moment, my friends are also accompanying me and we are enjoying the day. Necessary security measures have been put in place," a resident of Kabul Maiwand Mohammad said.
"It is a pleasant and interesting day, we are very happy to be here today," said another resident Nazdana.
"This is my motherland and my birth place, I love Afghanistan, if I am king in another country, it would not suit me, because I love my own soil, but we need security here and we hope that they (insurgents) allow us to live," another Kabul resident, Mubarak Shah Sultani, said.
They called on Afghans across the country to take part in the national reconstruction process so that the country moves forward.
"Our country has spent a chaotic era. But now we are able to visit this site with freedom to celebrate this day, this is a matter of pride and honor," a Kabul resident, Geeti Kohzad, said.
"The Afghan people must join hands and fight fragmentation, they must focus on national reconstruction," another resident, Eltaf Hussain, said.
Residents also criticized the leaders of the National Unity Government over their weakness to address national issues.