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Marriage certificates to be registered


To improve socio-economic developments in the country, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) is introducing reforms across many administrative services.

Marridge-certificateIn a recent move, the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Afghanistan issued the legislation for all the marriage certificates to be registered.

According to Mrs. Aziza Adalatkha, the Director of the Law Department at the MoWA, the marriage evidence, based on Sharia law, is a legal document traditionally issued by religious scholars. "In compliance with the Constitution of Afghanistan, the marriage certificate, a binding document, should be registered to protect the right of the citizens," said Mrs. Adalatkha in an interview to Sada e Azadi.

As part of social awareness, the GIRoA campaigns to educate people in urban and rural areas against underage and compulsory marriages, and the custom of exchanging girls for the families’ and tribes’ old feuds. "Legislating to register the marriage certificates will prevent the young girls from forced marriages. Mrs. Adalatkha said. "The legislation will also protect men from emerging issues related to dowry, and disputes over children if the couples divorce."

The rule of law and civil order allow the citizens of this country to live in a peaceful and harmonious society and having access to legal protections.

Ahmad Zahir, representing the Supreme Court as the Chief Registrar of the Marriages Registration Office in Kabul, said that by registering their marriage certificates, the couples will have access to legal processes in case of disputes. "By registering the citizen's social status, the risk of forced and unlawful second marriages will also be prevented," Mr. Zahir told Sada e Azadi.

"We make sure that the bride and groom are at their legal age specified in the Constitution of Afghanistan," he continued. "Legal age of marriage for girls is 16 year and for the boys, 18."

The legislation was implemented in Kabul Province and will be enforced in other provinces soon.

Mr. Zahir encouraged all the families and marrying couples to register their certificates as soon as they can and assured people that the registration process will be easy.