Sat, Aug

Afghan Drama Wins Cannes Film Festival Award


An Afghan film, Wolf and Sheep, which is about poverty and the poor living conditions in a remote village in Afghanistan, has won an award at this year's Cannes Festival.

Afghan-movieDirector of the film, Shahrbano Sadat, said the movie also talks about stories involving war, violence and drugs.

"This is a great achievement for Afghan cinema, particularly in the current situation where a number of our filmmakers have left the country," she said.

"I had an international team and I was not able to guarantee their lives; therefore, I chose to film the movie in Tajikistan," she said.

According to Sadat she will start work on the second part of the drama which will focus on similar content.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan filmmakers said that the award is a great achievement for the country.

The movie included at least 35 actors from Bamiyan and its location was in Tajikistan villages.

The International Cannes Film Festival is one of the world's most prestigious cinematic events which takes place annually in Cannes city in southern France.