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12 Afghan foods that are the best in the world


Afghani famous breads:
Afghanistan has different kinds of breads including of Khasa bread, Chapatti bread, Roghani bread, Uzbaki bread, Tawage bread and Paraki breed. These breads are cooked in a special kind of Afghani stoves called Tandoors.

Kabuli Palaw:
which is also called Qabli Palaw. Is one of the famous Afghani foods and is also familiar in neighborhood countries. People made it from rice, meet, carrot, raised, cutting of peanut and pistachio.

Kechiri Qorot:
is a famous food of Herat province and is also famous in western provinces and all over Afghanistan. Majority of time people make this food in winter season.

Tandoori Kabab:
is a very expensive food in Afghanistan. When Afghans have   lots of guest they cook this food. They slaughter a big sheep they clean it, after that they pure salt and garlic over it. They put it inside an Afghani stove and cook it.

Shula Ghorbanid:
is famous food of Ghurband in Parwan province and other provinces of Afghanistan. People cook this food from rice, vegetables, and Afghani special sauce and meatballs.

is very famous in Afghanistan and it takes time to cook it. This food is also familiar in central Asia countries. People cook it from flour, meat, onion, garlic, paper, and when they cook it they pour sauce and yogurt over that.

is famous in all over Afghanistan people cook it from flour, potato or leek, oil and paper.

Burani Banjan: people make it from black brinjal, oil, Qorot and paper. It’s famous and people eat it with bread or cooked rice.

Shurbay Kala:
people make this food in winter season. It’s very energetic food.

making Ashak takes time .people make this food from leek, flower and they add yoghurt and sauce over that.

Qoroti: cooking this food is very easy and takes less time. People make this food from Qurot, onion, oil, garlic and breed.

is one of the famous street foods in Afghanistan. People make it from boiled peas, boiled potato, and chili sauce.